Catching Heat

Catching Heat By: Janice Cantore

This it’s a great series, start with book 1. This is book 3, here is my overview.

Twenty seven years after her parents were brutally murdered, Detective Abby Hart is convinced that she is closer than ever to having the evidence that she needs to move in on the perpetrator. The ruthless killer is the governor of California’s wife, Alyssa Rollins. But the woman is brilliant enough to cover her tracks, using others to her advantage and killing off those who would be inclined to talk.

Now teamed up with private investigator, Luke Murphy, and others on a cold case task force, Abby realizes that not only can she try to solve a years old murder case of a college coed, she can also quietly continue to gather information on her family’s behalf. When a third case throws all of them awry, Abby and Luke battle on priorities, and an escaped criminal has difficult decision to make.

Janice Cantore has used her years of experience as a police officer to her benefit, crafting a real page turner carefully Crafted suspense; supplying her readers with a third edition to the “Cold Case Justice” series. This was provided by publisher for honest review.


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